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Bipin sterling oak leaf pendant with crazy lace agate

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If you live in New England and are surrounded by magnificent red oak trees, you know raking is in your future! The hand-cut and embossed surface of the sterling leaf oak pendant with stunning stone provides a bit of texture that refracts light and illuminates your face. Make a statement with this eye-catching pendant and take a little piece of the forest with you wherever you go. The sterling oak leaf pendant immortalizes the beauty of the woodlands in gorgeous silver and reminds the wearer of beautiful autumn woods and wintertime.

Bipin means Forest in Apache, Cherokee, and Cheyenne dialects.

Materials: Sterling silver (.925)

Stone: Crazy lace agate

Dimensions:  4 x 3 x 1 inches

Includes: The sterling silver chain has a lobster claw clasp. 

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Stone meaning:

Crazy lace agate is known for its mesmerizing textures and patterns. This stone includes microcrystalline quartz infused with iron and aluminum. Crazy lace agate is the Stone of Laughter or the Happy Lace Agate because it is thought to absorb negative feelings and bring happiness to the wearer. The stone comes in a variety of colors, and its beautiful curved stripes make it a miracle of nature. The energy helps overcome depression and despair. Crazy lace agate is a calming stone, perfect for people who suffer from any kind of loss.