This sterling silver collection is inspired by the rosehips and wild roses that grow on the dunes of Nantucket. I love to pick them each year. The lovely light pink roses signal Spring while the rich red berries in the Fall mean it's time to make yummy jam! The collection includes:

Rosehip and wild rose necklace  
Ogin rosehip and wild rose necklace
Rosehip and wide rose pendant
Ogin rosehip and wild rose pendant
Rosehip pendant Ogin rosehip pendant Rosehip earrings Ogin rosehip earrings

Each piece in the collection is hand-cut and shaped. Whether going to a summer outing or enjoying a coastal holiday, these lovely sterling silver pieces are a perfect accessory.

Ogin collection inspired by Nantucket rosehips and wild roses.

The rosehip is found growing wild in the northern United States and Canada, along coastal areas, and around seaside sand dunes.  It is the accessory fruit of the wild rose plant. Rose hips are used for herbal teas, jam, jelly, syrup, beverages, and wine. They are quite yummy!

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