Bipin silver holiday holly pin with red bamboo coral

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This sterling silver holiday holly pin is textured and dimensional with lovely red bamboo coral stones. Holly brings to mind old world holiday decorations of red and green. This holiday holly pin is a perfect accent to any holiday outfit, especially on a scarf or wrap.

Materials: Sterling silver (.925)

Stone: Bamboo coral

Dimensions:  2 x 1 inches

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Stone meaning: Bamboo coral is a gemstone that actively prevents negative energy, which hinders fortune. It helps you to advance to the future without losing your life design. Bamboo coral has the power to release anxiety and fear.

Bamboo coral is a marine plant belonging to the family of coralloid and has the appearance of bamboo. Breathtaking in its many colors, ocean coral has inspired jewelry in many forms. Red coral is one of the rarer types and is therefore considered precious in the jewelry industry.