Leotie 3-flower sterling necklace with turquoise

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Introducing a gorgeous variation of our traditional Leotie pendant. The Leotie flower with turquoise is an elegant yet playful 3-flower sterling necklace that dazzling reflects the light in the room. With double embossed petals, the 3-flower sterling necklace's intricate design pays tribute to the beautiful patterns and lines we find in nature. Made in the likeness of lovely prairie flowers, this hand-cut necklace, accented with Mojave blue copper turquoise, is reminiscent of the vast and beautiful American Southwest. A personal favorite, this 3-flower sterling necklace sparkles when light bounces off it and is inspired by the Southwest's prairie flowers.

Leotie translates to Flower of the Prairie and is meant to convey inner quiet as a creative expression.

Materials: Sterling silver (.925)

Stone: Mojave blue copper turquoise

Dimensions:  2.5 x 6 x 1.5 inches

Includes: The sterling silver chain has a lobster claw clasp. 

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Stone meaning: Mojave blue copper turquoise, as featured in the piece, is crafted using a hydraulic press to fuse Arizona Kingman turquoise with copper to produce a real metal matrix. Turquoise has long been regarded as an artistic and holy stone in the American Southwest. Referred to as the "gemstone of the peoples," turquoise enhances art and stoneware in desert regions such as Arizona and New Mexico.