Leotie sterling silver prairie earrings with turquoise

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These charming Leotie flower sterling silver prairie earrings with turquoise bring a small piece of the American Southwest to your outfit. With double embossed petals, this intricate design pays tribute to the beautiful patterns and lines we find in nature. These sterling silver prairie earrings are hand-cut, delicately shaped, and reminiscent of the American prairie lands' vast beauty.

Leotie translates to Flower of the Prairie and is meant to convey inner quiet as a creative expression.

Materials: Sterling silver (.925)

Stone: Mojave blue copper turquoise

Dimensions:  2 x 2 x 1 inches

Includes: Sterling silver ear wires 

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Stone meaning: Mojave blue copper turquoise, as featured in the piece, is crafted using a hydraulic press to fuse Arizona Kingman turquoise with copper to produce a real metal matrix. Turquoise, the "gemstone of the peoples," is regarded as an artistic and holy stone in the American Southwest.