Sterling Silver Oyster Stud Earrings with 6mm Cultured Pearls
Experience the joy of summer with the sterling silver Oyster stud earrings, a playful addition to your coastal-inspired jewelry collection. Each earring features an 8mm cultured pearl delicately set in a hand-cut and shaped sterling silver oyster. The textured back...
Sterling Silver Oyster Shell Necklace with Cultured Pearls
Elevate your style with the sterling silver Oyster Shell necklace, a fusion of elegance and coastal charm. This necklace artfully combines hand-cut and shaped shells with alternating 8mm and 6mm cultured pearls, all strung on sterling silver wire. Each shell...
Sterling Silver Oyster Shell Earrings with 3mm Cultured Pearls
Embrace the charm of summer with our delicate sterling silver oyster shell earrings, a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. These dainty earrings feature hand-cut and shaped sterling silver shells adorned with 3mm cultured pearls. The intricate craftsmanship of each...
Sterling Silver Oyster Pendant with 8mm Cultured Pearl
Indulge in the taste of summer with the sterling silver Oyster pendant, a hand-crafted masterpiece that brings the ocean to your jewelry collection. The pendant features an 8mm cultured pearl, elegantly dangling and moving with each step you take. Each...
Sterling Silver Oyster Bangle with 3mm Cultured Pearl
Elevate your wrist with the refined beauty of our sterling silver oyster bangle adorned with a 3mm cultured pearl. This handcrafted piece embodies delicate elegance, featuring the simplicity of an oyster's allure, meticulously hand-cut for a unique and sophisticated design."...
Sterling Silver 7-Oyster Shell Bracelet with 8mm Cultured Pearl
Relive the warmth of summer with our Sterling Silver 7-Oyster Shell Bracelet, a piece that holds the spirit of seaside memories and travels. Crafted carefully, each sterling shell is hand-cut and shaped, creating a stylish and meaningful bracelet. The textured...
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