Chris Messina


Hi, I'm Chris Messina, the designer and creator behind Silver Garden Designs. 

My Philosophy

Jewelry is the perfect way to express your style or mood, tie an outfit or look together, or carry a piece of art or history with you. For thousands of years, jewelry has been a hallmark of cultural, spiritual, or artistic traditions.

Define your style, make a statement, and bring a timeless piece of nature wherever you go. 

Silver Garden Designs: Where Nature Meets Style


My Story

All Silver Garden Designs are brought to you from my New England studio. My silver jewelry affinity began when I was just 18 years old, after receiving an antique Danish Inuit cuff that I haven't taken off in 42 years. I've manifested my creative side and love for jewelry into an apprenticeship under a 43-year juried artisan and a small business enterprise.

My designs are inspired by the botanical world and the diverse natural beauty I have experienced through my travels to five continents and 47 countries. Each piece is designed and crafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques enriched by stunning gemstones and textures to bring a part of the natural world to life. I want to inspire women to complement their style with a handmade piece of the natural world. As a proud female-owned business, I believe in empowering other women to express themselves through jewelry.

My pieces are perfect for a casual outfit, an elegant night out, or a precious relic to pass through the family.

Shop my one-of-a-kind, handmade collections, or contact me to bring your imagination to life through a custom piece.

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